A discussion of the reasons for the success of the christian crusaders

As they attracted men and wealth, and as the Crusading movement became part of the extended politics of Western Europe, the orders themselves became players in European politics. In addition, the Franks, as the attacking force, had at least a temporary advantage.

Some fought over food supply. Participants were not merely excused for their involvement; they actively acquired spiritual merit.

Reasons for the success of the First Crusade

And fight with them [unbelievers] until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for Allah, but if they desist, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors 2: The French army was more fortunate, but it also suffered serious casualties during the journey, and only part of the original force reached Jerusalem in Before continuing with my argument, a word on clarification is needed.

Governance in neighbouring countries was also weak. A few Turks at the walls of the city discovered that a small door, a kerkaporta, used by travelers who came to the city on foot during peacetime, was unlocked.

Most ended up massacred by the Seljuk Turks. Before continuing with my argument, a word on clarification is needed. European traders had always looked to the Mediterranean; now they sought greater control of the goods, routes, and profits.

Arguably, the leadership of the First Crusade is what prevented the army from disintegrating, and although they were not immune to disagreements, the leadership of men like Bohemond and Godfey was an important factor in the success of the First Crusade.

As a response to the call to arms of Pope Urban II and the Church, European states began considering themselves as protectors not only of the Western civilisation but also of the entire Christendom. Note that both empires had become exhausted from years of battling with each other.

Though English kings had inherited great fiefs in France, their homage to the French king was a constant source of trouble. As organized as he was to be a financial success, so disorganized he was in spiritual matters.

Some groups within the army fought with unintended adversaries, including the Hungarians. Pope Urban II was instrumental in unifying these individuals from different walks of life.

What were the motives of the crusaders during the first crusade?

When some members of the army led by Peter the Hermit arrived in Constantinople, they began pillaging outside the city in search of food and supplies. He just warns us of its dangers, unless our plans fit into the plans He has for us.

Reasons for the success of the First Crusade

Their money was given to charitable groups. Through this one can see how the successes of the first Crusade are what led to the failures of all those which followed afterwards. They exploited this, taking the key city of Antioch in Juneunder the lead of Bohemond of Taranto.

The crusades were brutal and evil. These trends would have encouraged East-West exchange without military expeditions or the taking of Jerusalem. For the lords of Outremer a compromise with the residents and Muslim powers made sense; they could not live in constant warfare.

For a time, it seemed that the city would be saved, but then a fateful thing happened. Medieval EuropeRoutledge, Holmes G. Few knew what to expect. They further pillaged other communities upon their arrival in Asia Minor.

Trade passed through Italian hands to Western Europe at a handsome profit. At the same time they were professional soldiers, willing to spend long periods in the East. The united armies of Western Europe did not face one united Muslim force, but the various militaries of many different warlords and sultans.

Others pillaged villages for food and valuable items.

How was crusading justified?

For example, the Second Crusade was preached after the loss of the Kingdom of Edessa, and the Third was launched in response to the loss of Jerusalem itself. Some members of these armies fought with unintended factions. Some wandered far enough to reach territories under the control of the Seljuk Turks.

Under pressure from Pope Gregory IX, Frederick and his army finally sailed from Italy in Augustbut returned to port within a few days because Frederick had fallen ill.

There are several reasons why the First Crusade became successful. But most of Europe endorsed the brutal warfare and the reimposition of Catholicism.What Were the Christian Crusades? By agronumericus.com The Name of Christ was abused, misused, and blasphemed by the actions of many of the crusaders.

Secondly, I do not understand why the crusades are even relevant today. The crusades took place from approximately to A.D. That was between and years ago. Christian Pilgrims once were allowed to Jerusalem for a toll but they were robbed, killed, beaten, etc. There were reports of violent attacks on the Christian pilgrims.

The Muslims in the other had their own reason that made more sense that the Crusade was unjustified. The first crusade was mounted to specifically rescue the Holy Land, Jerusalem from the Muslims and return it to the Christian faith.

Urged by Pope Urban II inwho made an inspiration speech. JOIN THE DISCUSSION. This article has 1 comment.

The Crusades Critical Essays

wondering where you got your information from and if you know of any two historians with conflicting opinions about the success of the crusades. Unity within Christian armies as reason for the success of the First Crusade Historian Jonathan Riley-Smith detailed the failures of the People’s Crusade.

As mentioned in his book “The Crusades: A History,” the lack of military discipline resulted in lack of direction. 1. Muslim leaders were more tolerant of other religions than the Christian and Jewish leaders in Spain.

2. The Arts and Learning cultures thrived under Muslim leaders.

What Were the Christian Crusades?

3. They welcomed in scholars and leaders from other religions into their learning centers.

A discussion of the reasons for the success of the christian crusaders
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