Andrew carnegie and his life essay

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Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero? Essay

Among his philanthropic activities, he funded the establishment of more than 2, public libraries around the globe, donated more than 7, organs to churches worldwide and endowed organizations many still in existence today dedicated to research in science, education, world peace and other causes.

Carnegie donated large amounts to various universities and colleges and for the development of science — for example the yacht, which bore his name, made a voyage around the world correcting the mistakes of previous marine measurements. Andrew dared to marry only after the death of his mother, although his romance with his future wife, a years-old Louise Whitfield, began seven years before.

Andrew Carnegie: His Contribution to Society Today

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, founded inwas intended in a broad sense to establish mutual understanding between the peoples and dissemination of information mostly in the form of publications in order to preserve peace.

The company was named Carnegie Steel Company, and it appeared to be the biggest steel company ever Resetar. He besides said that.

He is famous as the founder of the first major steel industrial company in the US. They were also images of business owners who had subsisted to corrupting the government in order to win business contracts and biddings and conduct their business operations without any intervention from the government.

Charity, which was spontaneous and random before Carnegie, became organized and popular. The life of Andrew Carnegie is remarkable in many aspects. They had long hours.

While other companies were cutting back, his company had accumulated enough financial security that it was actually able to expand and make more money during economic depressions.

He was a adult male who took chances to do his calling. His qualities have given us an example of what we should strive to be like in all situations, and has thus improved our society as a whole.

This instance also proves that Carnegie was very meticulous in his work, which ultimately made him a more economical and intelligent businessman over time. Additionally, the labor movement at Pittsburgh-area steel mills was crippled for the next four decades. He saw possible in cabling and conveyance.

That is why I believe that Andrew Carnegie was a hero.

Andrew Carnegie Essays (Examples)

His household migrated to America in when he was Major charities established by Carnegie were: This library was the first opportunity for Carnegie to take advantage of free information, and he developed a vast interest for knowledge, checking out at least one book a week, and developing himself as a young boy.Jan 06,  · Andrew Carnegie, whose life became a rags-to-riches story, was born into modest circumstances on November 25,in Dunfermline, Scotland, the second of two sons of Will, a handloom weaver, and.

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Andrew Carnegie

specifically for you for only $ $/page. Andrew Carnegie had tried his best in life to make his families and other people’s life better; easier. Because Carnegie was born into poverty, he understood the feelings of the poor, and when he became wealthy, he.

Free Essay: Andrew Carnegie grew up in Dunfermline, Scotland and immigrated along with his family to the United States in the late s. He worked his way. Andrew Carnegie was the self-made steel tycoon and philanthropist whose donations expanded the New York Public Library system.

Carnegie, an avid reader for much of his life, donated. Home Essay Samples Andrew Carnegie: His Contribution to Society Today After death, Andrew Carnegie left neither a company nor a fortune to his heirs.

However, his legacy is used all over the world. Andrew Carnegie Essay.

Andrew Carnegie Essay. The Story Of Success

The Story Of Success. In: Popular topics. The life of Andrew Carnegie is remarkable in many aspects. The most important is that he was born in Scotland.

Andrew Carnegie

And he ended his life in Scotland too, although his whole conscious life passed in the United States. He immigrated with his parents to America in searching .

Andrew carnegie and his life essay
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