The ethics of psychotropic medications essay

And that to me was a very worthwhile cause; it's still a very worthwhile cause.

New Code of Ethics for Nurses: The Right to Self Determination

He argued that so-called mental illnesses had no underlying physiological basis, but were unwanted and unpleasant behaviors. A link to download my ebook "Correctional Nurse Legal Briefs: For example, a patient with active tuberculosis can not choose to forgo treatment.

Psychotropic Drugs Essays (Examples)

In many cases, the practitioner and the patient collaborate to identify and range treatment goals. The psychotropic drugs have powerful function altering capabilities that can help mental patients in living a normal life. Diagnoses of "mental illness" or "mental disorder" the latter expression called by Szasz a " weasel term " for mental illness are passed off as "scientific categories" but they remain merely judgments judgments of disdain to support certain uses of power by psychiatric authorities.

Nursing Times, 99 6 Any ethical dilemma relating to psychiatric nursing is appropriate and the list of possibilities is vast.

Only an insane person would do such a thing to his widow and children, it was successfully argued. What should she do, if anything? Psychotropic medications and people who receive services from department on disability People with developmental disabilities may be prescribed psychotropic medications for behavioral or psychiatric reasons.

Although Szasz was skeptical about the merits of psychotropic medications, he favored the repeal of drug prohibition. Prisoners forfeit many of their rights when entering a correctional facility. There are many natural and synthetically produced drugs that are used for Psychotropic medication.

In other words, suggesting medication as an adjunct or in place of verbal therapy may be appropriate in one context but may not be in another. Free of charge essay writing assistance.

Individuals with dual diagnoses Patients with dual diagnoses might respond differently to the psychopharmacological treatment. Writing my essay Psychotropic Medication Introduction. But, in the case of correctional patients, freedom of choice is severely limited in so many areas of life.

Thomas Szasz

These drugs are used for treating children suffering from Schizophrenia, bi polar disorder and autism, but there is only limited approval from FDA to use these drugs due to their wide ranging side effects.

Ethical responsibility of the practitioner requires that psychopharmacology should only be used when there is strong evidence for doing this Lichtblau, Restraint is still an argumentative issue that nursing deals with almost daily in their practice.

If the non-prescribing clinician may want to suggest different doses or different medication all together. Behavioral side effects associated with these medications can be an overlooked problem for people with developmental disability and can be confused with other psychiatric conditions.

Power issues in psychiatric nursing. Restraints involve using force, as a result, applied without consent Horsburgh, Second, to be confirmed as a disease, a condition must demonstrate pathology at the cellular or molecular level.

The lack of evidence supporting the use of physical restraints, the negative consequences of restraint for patient, and the low availability of alternatives complicate decision-making to apply restraints.

The use of seclusion rooms. Nursing Times, 9 Although their working is not known, they are generally thought to have an effect on dopamine nerves receptors present in the brain.The Effects of Psychotropic Medication October 24, pressays If you do not already know what the medication is can you make up a medication, its dosage, and how long the client has been taking it, and what your client’s thoughts may be about taking the medication?

The Ethics of Psychotropic Medications Essay; The Ethics of Psychotropic Medications Essay. Words 13 Pages. Show More. The primary reason I am pursuing my Masters in Social Work is to work within the behavioral health field. However, through the education that I have received thus far combined with personal research that I have done, I am.

Enhancing Therapy with Psychotropic Medication When used together, psychotropic medication and therapy are the most effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Medications are prescribed when symptoms of mental or emotional illness are severe, persistent, and interfere with normal functioning.

Psychiatric medication should not be used alone.

Behavioural Perspectives of Mental Health

The use of medication should be based on a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and be one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Before recommending any medication, the child and adolescent psychiatrist interviews the youngster and makes a thorough diagnostic evaluation.

program was taking psychotropic medications, and 1 in 9 aged 6 to 12 years (8% and 13%, respectively; Barry, ). Between andpediatricians and psychiatrists wrote record numbers of stimulant, tricyclic antidepressant, clonidine hydrochloride, and SSRI prescriptions for preschoolers (Zito et.

Children, Adolescents & Psychotropic Medication Essay - Psychotropic medications, also referred to as psychiatric or psychotherapeutic medications, are used to treat psychiatric disorders, such as: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders.

The ethics of psychotropic medications essay
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