Why not use standard english all the time

Let me quote a letter-writer to the Scotsman newspaper last year, complaining about declining linguistic standards.

It's time to challenge the notion that there is only one way to speak English

Estuary English is one example — it is the only regional levelling process that has received a name. A variety without a geographical base, Standard English is seen as prestigious and in association with formal contexts.

But I should not pretend that my opinion is fact, that my arguments are logically foolproof, or that I have any special authority to declare it wrong. DescriptivismPrescriptivism Tags: Yet standard continues — even now — to be prized as the "correct" form, and any deviation is considered to be wrong, lazy, corrupt or ignorant.

Language variations help to form an identity for the speaker, whereas Standard English provides a common ground for everyone to use through lexical, syntactic and grammatical structures.

Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial. I think the linguist Thomas Pyles said it best: Scientific terms were difficult to translate and created a difficult situation. Which of the following three phrases would you use?

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We naturally trust the opinions of those who know the most about a subject. However I care more about helping someone who asks me for advice than I care about whether I might upset them. Wake up to BBC Radio 4 as my radio alarm.

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Linguists concern themselves with investigating linguistic facts, not with making value judgements about what should be considered correct or incorrect.

When the children are enrolling in an American school their parents desire that their children receive the best education possible. But the insights of linguistics are of social and political as well as intellectual importance.

The case against Chomsky is conclusive. Improving your written English While not directly relevant to the main heading, I thought it might be helpful to share my suggestions for how to improve one's written English.

In truth, I long ago arrived at such a conclusion: By using the word in your everyday speech and writing, the word will be saved in your long term memory. Like myself my former school only offered Spanish but with some petition Chinese and French were added and more kids were beginning to fill each classes.

I am not sufficiently familiar to recommend specific radio programmes in other countries! Most educated people who have earned a degree in college, or who read lots of books, will have a vocabulary that is closer totwice the amount of the average American.

Standard English can be spoken in a vast range of regional accents or without any regional pronunciation.

Should students be required to speak English in school at all times?

Essay Language is a powerful communication tool the user holds to express their individual identity and ingroup solidarity - Why not use Standard English all the time?

An accent of a speaker refers only to the pronunciation of utterances, whereas a dialect describes the lexical use, grammar and pronunciation. I always encourage my students to speak to one another in English, but at the same time I have them share words that English speaking people are unfamiliar with speaking.

Again, this goes back to the basic difference between descriptivism and prescriptivism.The grammar and usage of nonstandard varieties of English are often radically different from Standard English, but different does not mean worse or less able to communicate. The biggest differences between Standard English and all its nonstandard varieties are that the former has been codified and that it is used in all registers, from casual.

Aboriginal English is just as legit as Standard English, its purpose and use is as effective for its users as Standard English is for their users.

It is counted as a vital tool for their speakers, and because it is not the Standard, does not mean it’s not as important as a mode of communication and self identity.

Sep 07,  · Why not use std. english all the time? I've looked at previous forums & the vcaa site, is there any other info that someone can provide? e.g. are there any events/ examples u can help me out with?

I've gotta hand it in by fri, so yeah.

Why Not Use Standard English All the Time

VCE English Language Study Design – is the document for the development of the examination. All outcomes in Units 3 and 4 will be examined. The question to ask is: ‘Why not use Standard English all the time?’. Effectively, if all English speakers spoke one common version of English, that being Standard English, disregarding their dialects, there would be a greater effective communication.

Why not use Standard English all the time? Essay

Yet, the term ‘Standard English’ suggests that it is definitive. "[Standard English is that] particular variety of English which is regarded by educated people as appropriate for most types of public discourse, including most broadcasting, almost all publication, and virtually all conversation with anyone other than intimates.

Why not use standard english all the time
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